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As quickly as Kyle Shanahan said that he prepared on playing San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle on Saturday versus the Arizona Cardinals, fans lost it. Rob Guererra told us it was a bad idea in his Stats and Eggs Wednesday morning. Later on, youll hear why Akash believes its borderline “training malpractice” to play Kittle.
I disagree with all of that.
Before we make the argument for why Kittle must play, here is Kyles quote from Tuesday:
” If hes healthy, I just dont see the reason that not to. Thats the very same as every other player on our lineup. If youre healthy and youre not running the risk of something, I mean, we would never ever ask him to play injured or anything like that, but he had an excellent week of practice last week. The majority of the soreness was disappearing, and were absolutely going to check it again this week. However, when you have a man, if hes a hundred percent healthy and things, how do you sit one man and after that take a look at everybody else in the eye on the group?
There most likely isnt anyone playing out there a hundred percent healthy today. So, when you are, theres a regard level that players have towards each other, and everybody goes through this whole thing. Players risk, each time they step on the field, no matter who you are, youre risking your career. Thats whats difficult about this sport, whichs why I do not think players make money enough, despite the fact that a great deal of individuals would disagree with me on that.
Theres few individuals in the world that can do what you do, and youre risking your future whenever you go out there, whichs no various for George. Its no different for all the other 52 men on our lineup. So, clearly, I do not wish to get George hurt or anything like that, and thats why were going to be extremely cautious with it, whichs why we have actually been, however if somebodys a hundred percent healthy, I cant look the remainder of the team in the eye and tell them they need to play, however George doesnt. Thats just part of having a team and part of treating individuals the best method.”
I understand the resistance to Kittle playing and the argument that super star players get various treatment. Part of that conversation focuses around this being a professional sport. The highest-paid tight end in NFL history isnt going to be dealt with like a sixth-round tight end out of Georgia. Plus, as Shanahan pointed out, its a struggle for the 49ers to field a full team.
Their super star, Kawhi Leonard, was reportedly provided treatment that nobody else on the group was paid for. Players see that and begin to ask questions.
What Shanahan was saying above speaks about the team culture. Kittle is healthy. Ive seen him run. He appears like No. 85. We need to presume that Kittle is healthy. Knowing that Kittle is healthy, youre going to get some funny appearances when you resolve the team, and they see Kittle isnt playing. Shanahan discussed that he d have to pull the similarity Fred Warner, Trent Williams, and perhaps another among his best gamers if he were to give Kittle the “superstar” treatment.
Dealing with every gamer the same goes a long method. A lot of analysis ignores the human component. It likewise avoids over Kittle being separated in Arizona from his family and football being the one activity he can do. From developing the right culture to accountability. I think lots of fans would be shocked to understand that Shanahan does not keep back when it concerns “punishment.” Kyle is going to inform him about it if Richard Sherman doesnt do his job. Kyle is going to tell him about it if Dontae Johnson doesnt do his job. The players have stated they each value how open and “real” Shanahan is toward them.
Not playing a healthy player isnt in the cards for this group whichs not how Shanahan and the 49ers run. When we throw away “theres an injury threat” in a game where the very best professional athletes on the planet are encountering each other full speed on each play, youre not adding anything to the conversation. These players dont have that exact same frame of mind. This is their job and their income. The 49ers not having anything to bet doesnt change the truth that theres an injury risk.
When it comes to Kittle, if hes healthy, hell play. Why? Because thats what football players do. Do you think tanking or injury has crossed Kittles mind? I question it. Hes wired in a method where hes thinking of getting on the field. Its not about cash, since Kittles 2020 wage is completely ensured. Healthy gamers play. Kittle is healthy, so hell play. Football gamers and coaches want to win. Kittle offers San Francisco the finest opportunity to win when he is on the field. No matter what we think, thats what the team sets out to do, and theyre doing it.

As soon as Kyle Shanahan said that he planned on playing San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle on Saturday against the Arizona Cardinals, fans lost it. Later on, youll hear why Akash thinks its borderline “coaching malpractice” to play Kittle.
Knowing that Kittle is healthy, youre going to get some amusing looks when you attend to the group, and they see Kittle isnt playing. In the case of Kittle, if hes healthy, hell play. Kittle is healthy, so hell play.

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